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Creighton Model

The Creighton Model FertilityCareTM System teaches you to recognize the state of your fertility.


Men maintain a nearly constant hormonal pattern and are potentially fertile at all times. However, women go through an identifiable cycle of fertility and infertility. A woman’s fertile phase is signaled by changes in the cervical mucus, a discharge observable at the opening of the vagina. By observing the changes in your cervical mucus, you can identify your fertile phases and decide to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

There are two parts of the Creighton Model System: FertilityCare and NaPro Technology. FertilityCare teaches you how to chart your cycles and understand your fertility. Then, if charting reveals cycle problems, you can pursue medical treatment through physicians who are trained in NaPro Technology.

For couples, the Creighton Model FertilityCareTM System depends on close cooperation between you and your spouse. You will grow in understanding and love for one another as you make mutual decisions about your reproductive health.

You’ll also discover other benefits from using the method. Learning your body’s normal signs will help you immediately spot any abnormalities in your reproductive health. Couples facing infertility have an increased rate of pregnancy through the use of the Creighton Model and cooperative medical treatment. Physicians who are trained in the Creighton Model can read and interpret your charts and help tailor medical treatment to your needs.


Research leading to the development of the Creighton Model System began in 1976 and the system was first fully described in 1980.  The research on this system has continued up until the present day and it has an extraordinary degree of scientific understanding and validity.  

In the Creighton Model, fertility is observed as a part of health, not disease. It is a true method of family planning . . . a method that can be used to achieve, avoid, or monitor fertility from menarche to menopause.

The Creighton Model FertilityCareTM System has advantages over other forms of natural family planning. Because you are evaluating your own body signs and can compensate for fluctuation in your cycle, the Creighton Model is more accurate than the calendar rhythm method. Because the Creighton Model alerts you to your fertility before you ovulate, it is more useful than the basal body temperature method. The Creighton Model is more than 96% effective at avoiding pregnancy.

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About Lori

I have always loved learning about fertility, sexual health, and relationships. After I earned a master's degree from Kansas State University in family life education and consultation in 2006, I wanted to find a way to share my passion for sharing the message of authentic sexuality and the freedom that comes from embracing the way our bodies were created. My husband and I learned how to use the Creighton Model shortly after we got married, and we used the System to conceive our daughter in 2007 after three years of infertility.


I completed my training as a FertilityCare Practitioner in 2010 and I have accompanied hundreds of women and couples on their journey to understand their fertility.

When I'm not teaching the Creighton Model or working at St. Isidore's, I love spending time with my husband and 16-year-old daughter. We enjoy board games and playing with our two cats, Ralph and Felix. We are members of St. Isidore's in Manhattan.

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