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Manhattan FertilityCare Services

The Introductory Session teaches you the basics of the Creighton Model. This session lasts about 75 minutes and is typically in a class setting. The Intro Session covers the biology of fertility and reproduction as well as the specifics of the Creighton Model. At this time, all sessions are held virtually via Zoom. If you need to attend a class on natural family planning for marriage preparation requirements, sign up for an Intro Session.

Lori is currently offering limited intro sessions. Please sign up for an intro session with Mika Bolton, FCPI for the best availability. Mika serves the Manhattan area and offers intro sessions in person. 

If you require a Zoom intro session, please contact Lori.

After attending an Intro Session, if you decide to continue learning and using the System, you will sign up for Follow-Up Sessions. Follow-Up Sessions are private sessions between you and Lori to discuss the specifics of the Creighton Model and how the System can be tailored to your individual needs. You will learn more about how to make observations and chart. These sessions are usually 1 hour or less, and they are held via Zoom. Follow-Up Sessions are on a sliding-fee scale that is based on your income.

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Do you have questions about the Creighton Model? Wondering if it will apply to your situation? Sign up for a free, 30-minute consultation to learn more and find out how the Creighton Model can work for you. Consultations are held via phone or Zoom.

I can provide workshops or presentations for your school, community organization, youth group, or workplace. I have given presentations on fertility and sexual health to college students, junior/senior high school classes, youth groups, mother's groups, OCIA classes, Bible studies, breastfeeding organizations, and more. 

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